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Leanne Wood: Time for Wales to chart its own course


Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood has today warned that the UK faces a decade or more of decline under Tory rule in Westminster due to the chaos engulfing the Labour Party rendering them consigned to infighting for the foreseeable future.

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Labour joins with Tories to vote against Single Market Membership


In a shock move by Labour in Wales today, the Welsh National Assembly has become the first political institution in the UK to come out against membership of the European single market post Brexit.

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'Cock-up or conspiracy'? - Adam Price calls for investigation into Welsh Government

This video shows Adam Price's speech in the Senedd chamber as well as evidence of the statements he refers to

Adam Price AM has called for an investigation into the circumstances whereby the Welsh Government appeared to suddenly change its policy on freedom of movement.

A press release by the government saying that freedom of movement should be maintained was changed, with the sentence taken out of the subsequent version, and evidence pointing to the fact that the policy as stated on the government website was changed retrospectively. 

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